Muscular Endurance:Excercises With Benefits

  Muscular Endurance: Benefits muscular endurance is the ability to repeatedly contract your muscles at a submaximal level for either many repetitions or to hold a contraction for a long period of time. This should be remembered that muscular endurance is different from muscular strength which is the need to contract your muscles and maximally for a single repetition. Muscle Endurance Exercises Muscular Endurance refers to the ability of a group or all of your body's muscles to perform a vigorous activity over a long period of time for example a plank exercising the session that lasts several minutes and thus requires a great deal of leg muscle strength, similarly a rowing workout and a solid pace will focus more on your arm and back muscles both of these scenarios are great examples of muscular endurance activities. And continuous practice at activities like running, cycling, rowing, etc  starting at moderate levels and increasing to vigorous levels in future workouts will train

Running Exercises & Stretching Benefits

"Running is not just any exercise but a way of life"

Running Exercises & Stretching Benefits
Running Exercises & Stretching Benefits
                                              Running Exercises & Stretching Benefits

The Start :
Running is natural to human being and its easier than any of other body exercises be it cycling or swimming among other sports or exerices too.
* Start with a breif walking session between 2-3 days a week.
* Around 2-3 km is generally a healthy way to start with.
* Not to be impatience is the key to be a healthy start with.
* Keep yourself motivated for greater goal achievements even if its running for longer duration.

Running Exercises & Stretching Benefits
Running includes benefits across all forms of physical exercises:
And the reasons are many:
You have to avoid injuries and treat your body well, take few minutes and stretch—
*Stretch help your body & muscle to gain energy..
* Stretch helps joints in the long run.
* Advance stretching is recommended for runners. It help to achieve great  level of fitness   energy and physical  motion.

Running Exercises & Stretching Benefits
Running Exercises & Stretching Benefits

Running Exercises & Stretching Benefits
Stretching is the most effective ways to achieve fitness:
It provides energy to you to lose weight.
It can be done without much equipment or no equipment, if you know how to do.
Stretching can be done conveniently indoors or outdoors.
Stretching is a good stress reliever.

Running Exercises & Stretching Benefits
Running Exercises & Stretching Benefits

Running Exercises & Stretching Benefits
Running Fit and objectives:
We can run alone for loneliness and calmness or with others for social interaction.
Below are closer look at the key benefits.
*Running and Fit to run works your heart and lungs. It provide your blood to become more efficient at running oxygen to the cells and eliminating carbon dioxide and other wastes. As your heart strengthens, it pumps more blood with less effort.
*As your Running fitness increases, your resting heart rate decreases. Running fit individuals have resting heart rates of around 45 to 50 beats per minute as compared to 75 to 80 beats for an unconditioned person's heart.

Running Exercises & Stretching Benefits

 Jogging or Slow Running regularly helps you to achieve:
*Improves or better lung capacity.
*Improved or increased  metabolism.
*Decreased  total cholesterol levels.
*Best overall health.
*Improve candence which is normal 140-150 steps and can acheived 170 or upwards thru proper
   and regular stretching regime.

Running Exercises & Stretching Benefits
Running Exercises & Stretching Benefits

Running Exercises & Stretching Benefits
Running Fit and sound essentials:
When we  get past the starting  stages,  most likely feel like we want to run—and not that we have to run.
There are few common  benefits:
The Runner's Challenge " when endorphins are released during exercise—this gives you a euphoric feeling which in turn helps you to achieve:-
More and efficient energy level.
Greater and improved creativity.
Increased Running fitness and greater stamina.

Running Exercises & Stretching Benefits
Benefit of getting started Running and Fit :
Beginner should start out easy and build up gradually to avoid injury.
Its indispensable and Important:
*Visit and checkup with doctor before  starting  advanced  exercise program. Doctors are fully equipped with knowledge and case histories to provide guidance regarding body type and eating habits to check before starting running with your fitness goal.
*Always wear a pair of shoes, which are specially for running otherwise it may cause minor injury during the initial phase of starting running.
* Nothing goes well in running without proper running and fitness stretching and warm-up before running.
*It s better to walk first before starting to  run and then  gradually mix walking and jogging with time bound movements , stretching  each over time. Try to walk and   jog  around  and walking another . Alternatively walk 10 minutes and jog 10 minutes and continue rotating. As and when comfortable switch over to all jogging.
*Always keep a moderate pace. As a beginner, it might feel some aches and pains when we start. Running too fast, too soon could make them worse.
*Breathe easy. Some people breathe through their nose, some through their mouths and others do a combination of both. Whichever method you use, try doing deep breath to take in more air.

Running Exercises & Stretching Benefits
Running Exercises & Stretching Benefits

Running Exercises & Stretching Benefits
Types/Ways of Running:
*Road Running
It require coordination of physical movement and breathing ,its better to start road running with slow pace and increase as and when having full control on breathing .
*Trail Running
It require higher efficiency of running skill and should be   trained well before trying.
Treadmill machine is available to almost all gyms and best way to start road running is to get feet movement right with slow pace on a treadmill. It will help to control breathing and body movement.

Running stretching overview:
To any runner, it's generally considered best to warm-up and cool down with a brisk walk or light jog and stretching. Warming up helps your running performance and cooling down helps you recover from the workout.
In a long course ,injuries can come from overtraining and  too intense and even over-stretching. But warm-up stretching can both help prevent injuries . 
Listen to your body- rest properly with ample of nutrition and consult your physician.

Running Exercises & Stretching Benefits
Running Exercises & Stretching Benefits

Running Exercises & Stretching Benefits
Stretching is proven to:
Decrease muscle tension and increase flexibility.
Improve muscular movement coordination.
Highly increased joint range of movement.
Better and boost blood circulation with energy levels.

Purpose of stretching: Ways and type of Stretching
The important purpose of stretching /  warming up is to increase the body temperature. This increases blood flow so muscles can endure more force.
Running stretching is the right way to warm up. There are researches available  that have shown  stretching increases power, flexibility and range of motion and provides  a performance boost.

Stretching Techniques for Running Fit :
    *Leg kicks:
i) Stand straight and flex your hips upward.
ii) Kick one leg out, fully extended.
iii) Toes should be flexed upward.
iv) Lift the opposite arm to the extended toes.
v) Alternate sides.
    * High knee lunges :
i) Stand straight.
ii) Grasp one knee and pull it upward.
iii) Release it while moving it in an exaggerated step down and forward.
iv)  Keep the front leg down and forward while the back leg is extended and down.
 v)  Alternate sides.
    *Leg swings :
 i) Stand straight and place your hand on a wall for balance.
ii) Swing one leg forward, and then swing it backwards.
iii) Continue swinging back and forth.
Redo again with the opposite leg.
    *Squats or semi Squats
  i) Stand with your feet hip-width apart with your toes pointed slightly outward. Your arms should be hanging loose by your side. Then engage your core muscles and push out your chest slightly by pulling your shoulder blades towards each other.
ii) Bend your knees and squat down as if you were sitting into a chair. Keep your weight on your heels and keep your core tight. Your eventual goal will be to touch your glutes to the back of your calves but if you can only get to parallel right now, that’s fine. Make an effort to keep your knees externally rotated (don’t let them collapse inward). As you lower down, you can either raise your arms straight in front of you or keep them bent in front of your chest. Focus on keeping your torso upright and core tight.
iii) Straighten your legs and squeeze your butt to come back up, lowering your arms back to your side.

Running Exercises & Stretching Benefits
Basic Running Mechanics:
Running and Jogging  are   natural movement, but using proper form allows helps  to become more efficient and conserve energy.

Running Exercises & Stretching Benefits
Running Exercises & Stretching Benefits

Running Exercises & Stretching Benefits
Ways to run efficiently:
Run using a mid-foot strike and reserve running on the toes for sprinting. Avoid over striding that causes you to heel strike which decrease  energy and might cause injury  and slows  down ,practice to  land with your foot directly under your body.
Keep upper body upright and relaxed and try to keep head up, back straight and shoulders level. Tensing up can cause pain in the lower back.
Look ahead and focus your eyes on the ground slightly few feet ahead.
Let your arms swing naturally from the shoulder joint and not elbow. Your arms should be bent at about waist height (a 90° angle) with your hands held loosely.

Running Exercises & Stretching Benefits
Training to Improve Your Performance:
Once you've incorporated running into your weekly routine, you may start thinking about participating in a road race.  No matter your level of competitiveness, it's a good idea to train for a greater running goal.
*Building Endurance
Regular stretching and exercises increases endurance for running routines.
*Adding Strength and Speed
During this phase, you want to pick up the pace and intensity of  running  by running hills, intervals, or simply running your usual route at a faster speed.
*Rest and Recovery
It is suggested that never over train. This resting phase helps you to be in top every day of running or in case of a marathon or short distance running . Continue with short, easy runs even if you run for five days of week.
  - Cooling down with few breathing exercises.
  - Dont try to breath fast ,breath easy.
  - Strech your hands  front and back with full breath. 

Running Exercises & Stretching Benefits
Running Exercises & Stretching Benefits

Running Exercises & Stretching Benefits
*Hydrating & Fueling Your Body

Whether it's hot or cold out, your body needs to stay hydrated. You lose water through perspiration even though you may not feel like you're sweating or thirsty. Drink before, during and after a run—especially longer runs.
Sport beverages that replace sodium and electrolytes are good for a long run.
Rehydrate after the run with lime water or coconut water.

Running Exercises & Stretching Benefits
Running Exercises & Stretching Benefits

Running Exercises & Stretching Benefits
What you eat before, during and after a run affects your performance and recovery.

Before Running:   Eat something light, high in carbohydrates but low in fat, protein and fiber about an hour before a run.
During Running: Take few sip of water, if feeling thirsty during running and avoid dehydration.
After Running: Eat some carbs and protein within 30 minutes of finishing your run.

Running Exercises & Stretching Benefits



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